At Gurley Precision Instruments, measurement is our business. GPI was one of the first companies to develop the chrome-on-glass process necessary to manufacture optical encoder discs, and has since been a significant provider of optical encodersoptographic products and related devices. This tradition and commitment to measuring excellence is still very much alive today - as we offer as many standard and custom encoder options as any company in the business. Incremental, absolute and Gurley's own Virtual Absolute technologies in enclosed and modular rotary and linear configurations - each is available in prototype and OEM quantities.

Industries that have benefited from Gurley Encoders include:

Precision In Air, On Land and Sea - general aviation and defense industries

Precision on the Factory Floor - position, speed and direction in a wide variety of industrial processes from the slow and simple to the high speed and complex

Bringing the Electronic Image to Hand - high performance for the printing and graphic arts industries

A Common Denominator in Instrumentation - measuring instrumentation includes products such as dynamometers, gear checkers, torque testers, coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and cam profilers

Increasing Machine Tool and Robotics Productivity - Gurley encoders are designed to handle harsh environments while delivering undiminished performance

Tracking and Positioning in the Sky - radio and optical telescopes, radar pedestals, tracking mounts and communication antennas

At The Heart of Medical Diagnostics - Gurley's high-reliability encoders are essential in scanning instruments for MRI, x-ray and nuclear imaging systems, as well as fluid analysis devices

Gurley is an ISO 9001 certified company.


 We offer Optical Encoders for both rotary and linear motion, in conventional incremental and absolute configurations and in GPI’s unique Virtual Absolute™ technology. They are used to measure or control position and/or speed in medical instrumentation, electronic manufacturing equipment, robotics, factory automation, graphic arts and printing equipment, machine tools, radar pedestals, and high speed scanners.

Our self-contained rotary incremental encoders are available in a variety of sizes, from 0.75" dia with up to 40,960 counts/rev, to a 6" dia model with 3,600,000 counts/rev. An industrial-grade rotary absolute encoder offer resolution up to 217 words/rev. Modular rotary incremental encoders provide a wide choice of size and resolution, while linear encoders come in many mounting configurations, lengths, and accuracy grades. Virtual Absolute™ encoders are available as rotary or linear encoders in both self-contained (housed) and modular configurations.

Gurley specializes in providing customized solutions to specific problems, whether the answer is a low-cost encoder for high production volumes or a very high performance encoder for military or aerospace applications.