Gurley Precision Instruments (GPI) has been in business since 1845. We started in surveying instruments, where we were a global leader in both quality and precision, soon after introducing water current meters in the late 1800s, optical patterns on glass and test instrumentation in the early 1900s, and finally optical encoders in the 1950s, which is presently our largest product line. Our main office and factory reside in Troy, New York, however we have joint ventures in Russia, Lithuania, Slovenia, and China to support our various component and assembly needs. 

GPI is committed to engineering and manufacturing excellence. Our designers and technicians are the best in the world at what they do. Our quality, on-time delivery, and customer support records are unparalleled in the markets that we compete - making Gurley a trusted partner with OEMs worldwide. 

For example, GPI has always carried a conservative, long-term view on general business and the relationships that exist with our customers and partners worldwide. We have no debt (never have) and strive to keep pricing consistent year-in and year-out. In short, other than being owned outright by our clients - GPI could not be a better partner for your business.

Industries that we carry in-depth technical and marketing knowledge include military and defense; space and aerospace; pulp, paper, and board; photonics, optics, and optical coatings, including precise patterns on glass and other substrates; semiconductor; medical device and medical packaging, including bio dispensing instrumentation; commercial and industrial motors and robotics; automotive; wovens and non-wovens, including fuel cell membranes and other filter media; environmental, waste water, and chemical flow rate applications; and general industry applications where motion control or velocity calculations are required.

Our quality standards adhere to strict ISO, J-STD, NASA, ASTM and AS9100 standards.

I welcome you to review our various product offerings. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.


Martin Gordinier