Gurley Price Meters

Available in headphones or digital styles, the Price Type AA meters offer fast, accurate measurements for all but the lowest flows.

The headphone Model generates one click every rotation or one every five rotations of the shaft, according to the contact connection selected.


In the digital version, a slotted hub extension rotates between a light-emitting diode and a photo-receptor. The pulses produced when the slot aligns aligns with the LED and phototransistor are routed to the digital flow indicator (Model 1100), which converts them to a direct digital readout of stream velocity.

Either type can be suspended from a bridge or boat using the suspension cable outfit with a lead weight; or it can be mounted to on a wading rod for measurements in shallow streams, ditches, conduits or wastewater systems.

Gurley Pygmy Meters

The compact design of pygmy meters - the bucket wheel is just 3/4 inch by 2 inches in diameter - allows measurement of shallower and lower velocity flows. The pygmy meter provides reliable measurements of flows down to 0.05 feet per second at depths as shallow as 3 inches. Except for the absence of a five revolution click, these models operate identically to the larger Price type meters in both headphone and digital models.

Pygmy meters are rod suspended only.


* The range of the pygmy meter can be extended to 11 fps with the 611 hand counter (headphone model) and 15 fps with the Model 1100 flow indicator. However, we recommend using the Price AA for velocities in this range.

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